Will International Migration Continue Forever?
When : May 01, 2014 Location : Washington DC Applicable Countries: United States

Event description:

Rainer Münz will share reflections on the future geography of migration and mobility in the context of demography and development. In an aging world with demographic and economic imbalances, the number of international migrants is likely to rise during the twenty-first century. The geography of migration flows is changing, however. Mobile people will be increasingly attracted by faster growing economies. Therefore, some traditional destinations in Western Europe will face stronger competition for skilled labor - not least from countries like China where the working age population will shrink after 2020. These trends have major implications for demography and the trajectories of advanced and developing economies alike. Rainer will also present some of the initial findings from ongoing work supported by the KNOMAD Thematic Working Group on Demographic Changes and Migration.


Rainer Münz
Rainer Münz