Migrants Strengthen Their Host Countries
When : Mar 27, 2019 Time : 12:30pm-2pm Venue : World Bank I Building 2-250Location : Washington DC

Event description:

According to a new Pew Research Center Report with data from 18 nations, majorities in some of the world’s top destinations for international migrants say immigrants strengthen their countries. In 10 of the countries surveyed, majorities view immigrants as a strength rather than a burden. By contrast, majorities in five countries surveyed see immigrants as a burden to their countries. With the exception of Russia, these countries each have fewer than 5 million immigrants. In the U.S., the nation with the world’s largest number of immigrants, six-in-ten adults (59%) say immigrants make the country stronger because of their work and talents, while one-third (34%) say immigrants are a burden because they take jobs and social benefits. Views about immigrants have shifted in many of these countries. In Greece, Germany and Italy, three countries that experienced high volumes of arrivals during the 2015 refugee surge, the share saying immigrants make their countries stronger dropped significantly in 2018. By contrast, public opinion shifted in the opposite direction in France, the UK and Spain, countries that received fewer asylum seekers in 2015. 

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Ana Gonzalez-Barrera
Ana Gonzalez-Barrera
Senior Researcher
  • Pew Research Center
Dilip Ratha
Dilip Ratha
Head of KNOMAD
  • Lead Economist, Migration and Remittances, Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice, World Bank