Ten Burning Questions on Migration and Development
When : May 08, 2017 Venue : GIZ RepraesentanzLocation : Berlin Applicable Countries: Germany

Event description:

Migration is a highly contested issue not only in Germany but all over the world. Not surprisingly, governments are struggling with many pressing policy questions for which there may or may not be readily available answers. In a lightning talk format, a panel of eminent global experts from the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD) will share new evidence and discuss policy options on the following ten burning questions:

1. How can we reduce recruitment costs paid by low-skilled migrant workers?

2. Can remittance costs be reduced to less than the 3 percent?

3. Is the emigration of highly skilled people good or bad for the country of origin?

4. Are refugees a burden on their host communities?

5. How can policy address the socio-economic differences between refugee men and women?

6. How can we address migration induced by disasters and slow-onset environmental change?

7. Does migration increase violent extremism, or is there a two-way relationship?

8. How can we overcome barriers to mobilizing diaspora resources for productive uses?

9. Are migration policies coherent?

10. Can return migration be managed for the benefit of all?